Camp Shazaam at TaborSpace

Camp Shazaam is all about girl empowerment! Designed for girls ages 8-12, the camp meets periodically during school vacations.

Each day that Camp Shazaam meets, participants and counselors will find inspiration in positive female role models and discuss a variety of topics such as friendships, why words matter, popular vs. powerful, belonging vs. fitting in, and the importance of team building. Past girl-power-inspired projects include: making cool crafts,  videomaking, mindfulness practices, vists to Mt. Tabor Park, and blowing off steam. Girls will explore the mediums of dance, acting,creative writing, and crafts as a mechanism of self-empowerment and creative expression. Girls will plan, prepare and perform in an end of week showcase for family and friends. Performance is not required.

The Camp is run by Tara Sawyer, Director of Pea Pod Family Resource Center. Her trusty assistant is Claire Churchill, a senior at Grant High School, who brings her theatre expertise. 

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