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Preschool Peas Program 


Within our school, we strive to create a safe and nurturing place where each person (adult and child) is treated fairly and with respect. Our primary goal is for each child to have a positive early education experience in which she/he/they may gain the skills and confidence necessary to build friendships, work autonomously and collaboratively, and feel a sense of belonging. The emphasis is not on “school academics readiness,” but rather on fostering children’s social-emotional development, enabling them to learn to trust themselves, and helping them navigate healthy conflict resolution skills amongst their peers, a skill that will set them up for academic success. Parental support and engagement are important aspects of our preschool.

How your child will benefit from this program:

  • focus on art, nature and healthy conflict resolution skills

  • Community building/Socialization and lots of fun play time

  • Social Emotional skills and resiliency

  • Arts/Crafts/Sensory Time

  • Community Circle Time with movement and music

  • Potty Training if needed

  • Unstructured Play Time

  • Outdoor time each day

  • Meaningful friendships with peers and trusted adults

How you will benefit from this program:

  • Gain a sense of normalization

  • Gain parenting tools and support

  • Build your community

  • Safe, authentic environment

  • "Me Time" to recharge

  • Meaningful friendships

  • Set the foundation for connection and a healthy relationship with your child

Schedule of the Day

Our program runs 9:00am-1:00pm from September- June. We are closed major holidays, Thanksgiving week, a week at Winter Holidays and a week at Spring Break. It is for children 3-5 years old. Parent participation is required. 

8:45 -- Parent Coach and Shift workers arrive

9:00 -- Drop off inside

9:15 -- Circle Time

9:30 -- Art/Music/Free Play

10:30  -- Snack and Bathroom Break

11:00  -- Free Play/Story time

11:30  -- Lunch and Bathroom Break

12:00  -- Outside Time

1:00 -- Pickup or stay for enrichments

1:15-2pm Enrichments (Mon-Thurs)

Monthly Costs

Families can choose between 2, 3, or 5 day schedules. 

2 Days (Tu/Th )


3 Days (MWF)


5 Days (M-F)


Want more time away and less classroom committment?

2 Days (Tu/Th )


3 Days (MWF)


5 Days (M-F)


Want to pay less and have more classroom time?

2 Days (Tu/Th )


3 Days (MWF)


5 Days (M-F)


Co-op Responsibilities for All Families

  • P.O.D. (parent on duty) shift work in the classroom 

  • Backup shifts

  • Attend Monthly Parent Meeting

  • Read No Bad KIds by Janet Lansbury

  • Infant/Toddler CPR and First Aid Certification

  • Background Checks for both parents

  • Immunizations Records

  • Snack Duty 

  • Fall and Spring Work Parties

Leadership Roles:

President (Board of Directors)

Vice-President (Board of Directors)

Treasurer (Board of Directors)

Secretary (Board of Directors)

Social Chairs (Board of Directors)

Parent Meetings

We have a monthly mandatory meeting. It is vital to building our community and provides an educational component.


  • Build Community and Group Trust

  • Monthly Kid check-ins

  • Read No Bad Kids by Janet Lansbury 

  • Normalization and Support

  • Skill Building/Toolkit


“When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.” Fred Rogers 

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