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We believe building community, empowering families and helping children learn social and emotional intelligence is more important than ever. Our world will need a new generation of kids who have the ability to empathize with others, to treat each other kindly despite differences, and to contribute positively to their community, because they possess a strong sense of self and belonging. Our family-run cooperative playschool program at Pea Pod gives participating families a special opportunity to be their child’s first teacher and to do this important work beginning at a very young age. Here’s what our families have to say about the program:


“My husband and I are learning more about toddler development and are benefitting from deepening our parenting philosophy and approach through the community and resources provided. Our son is growing through building relationships with the other parents and children. It has been one of our best decisions as a family.”


“As parents of twins and being new to Portland, I often felt like we were parenting on an island by ourselves. Through the process of sharing the responsibility of our children in the playschool, I experienced meaningful interactions and built friendships with other parents. My children developed a sense of belonging. It was a positive growth experience for our whole family!”


“Peapod provided us with an amazing community of families to grow with during the magical and challenging toddler period. We wouldn't be the parents we are today without it!”


Pea Pod relies on the generosity of your support to keep this program thriving. We realize there are many great causes out there, and any amount is greatly appreciated and will be used to make a difference in the lives of young families. Our Mighty Cause giving platform (see orange link above) automatically sends you a tax-exempt receipt for your files, so it's quick and simple.

Again, thank you so much for helping us provide this much needed and loved resource to the community.


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