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"Pea Pod is an amazing co-op childcare program run by an incredibly kind, passionate, and patient executive director / parent coach. This program is as much about learning to communicate effectively with your kiddo as it is about social emotional training for the littles. The added bonus is the weekly childcare provided by a lovely diverse community that you will get to know and love! The room and playground are both clean, organized, and visually stimulating. The daily schedule gently guides the group of kiddos throughout a range of activities which include fine and gross motor play time (inside and outside), music, art, books, snack, and lunch. My husband and I are so grateful we had the chance to be a part of this community. We have met families who will be longtime friends. We have struggled through developmental milestones right alongside other parents going through the same things. And most importantly, we’ve seen Tara model successful communication techniques that we’ve used outside of Pea Pod over and over. I don’t know how we would have made it through years 2 and 3 without Tara’s coaching. If you are an open minded, flexible family looking to learn with other parents and to gain a few hours a few days a week for yourself, then take a tour and get on the waiting list!"

—Mariah, August 2019

"As 30-something professionals trying to divide our weekdays between work, grad school and parenting while maintaining some semblance of a social life, we found Pea Pod to be a wonderful solution. Powered by peers but led by pros (Tara and a little team of contractors), this 'playschool' co-op was an education for both us and our kids, and a community in the best sense. We found joy in the community and our son was greatly enriched, but I'd recommend it most wholeheartedly to families who are actively looking for social connections with fellow parents and a sense of ownership over the program - it's not a day care and you won't be happy if that's what you need (not that there's anything wrong with needing that). You'll get out of Pea Pod as much as you bring into it -- that's the whole premise. And it's a blessing."

—Michael, September 2019

"Pea Pod is an amazing community that we are so fortunate to have been part of. The co-op aspect is extremely enriching and rewarding as you play and learn alongside other parents under the guidance of the wonderful director/parent coach, Tara. I saw my child’s confidence, self-expression, and communication skills grow by leaps and bounds in the year that we were at Pea Pod and my own confidence and patience toward parenthood improved as well. The program provides clean and well-organized spaces that give toddlers a solid introduction to classroom routines, navigating shared spaces, and being part of a diverse community. There are also a great resources for parents: a small parenting library, occasional guest speakers, and other experienced parents with which to discuss the joys and trials of parenting. We could not be more grateful for Pea Pod Family Resource center. It has truly been one of the best experiences of our lives and we can’t wait to return with our younger child in the near future."

—Hillary, August 2019


“One key goal of respectful parenting is to create a space where we use our experiences with our kids to build their skills and their brains, so they can continue to become these amazing human beings. Doing so requires that we are respectful with ourselves, too. I think that piece sometimes is missing.”

~Tina Payne Bryson, Phd 

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