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Pea Pod is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that empowers families and builds community in an environment of shared responsibilities and benefits.


​At Pea Pod, we believe that now more than ever, our world will need a new generation of kids who have the ability to empathize with others, to treat each other kindly despite differences, and to contribute positively to their community because they possess a strong sense of self and belonging. Raising children is hard work, and families who have access to resources and a support system are more likely to thrive. Our families includes parents who have a flexible schedule and who are looking for an opportunity to build community by sharing benefits and building trust through accountability to each other.

Core Values

Respect. We value a safe and nurturing environment for families that help parents make choices about how to raise their children with others who are engaged and respectful.


Trust. We build trust by cultivating relationships in a secure environment with the goal of forming community through meaningful long-term friendships.


Accountability. We believe that active participation and responsibility to one another is a vital part of the stewardship and sustainability of the organization.


Collaboration. We value a community where everyone contributes according to their strengths, which enables families to learn from each other and benefit from a collective effort.


Joy. We believe that by doing the work of raising our children together we create an atmosphere of joy through a sense of belonging.

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