Because we value creating a safe, respectful and trusting environment for you and your children to learn and grow, the following process will be administered before families are enrolled in our cooperative playschool for kids 18-36 months:


Steps for enrollment


  1. Schedule a Tour and an Information Session. For info on upcoming opportunities, email

  2. Applications. Fill out the application (see link above) and email it to Venmo the $25 application fee @peapodpdx. Alternatively, you can snail mail the application along with a check made out to Pea Pod for $25. Families will be contacted from the  waiting list in the order received. Applications are not considered complete without the application fee. Placement is not based entirely on application date. Application fees are non-refundable.

  3. Family Interviews. In order to make sure we are a good fit for you and vice-versa, we will conduct family interviews to make sure both parties understand how the program works and how you are required to be involved. Both parents/caretakers should attend with your child. 

  4. Registration and Deposits. Once families are accepted into the program, families pay a $110 registration fee to hold the spot. After August 1st, registration fees are non-refundable. A deposit of first and last months program fees will be invoiced on September 1. Last month's deposit will be applied June 1. Program ends June 30th. Please note, any refunds do not include transaction fees incurred such as with paypal or venmo.

  5. Background Checks. We do background checks on both parents/caregivers. Both parents fill out a background check form online and are completed at time of registration. 

  6. Orientation. All families are required to attend and babysitting will be provided. Orientation will be held in August before the program begins.

  7. Social Playdates. In order to begin to get to know each other, playdates will be held on the playground in August for all registered and waitlisted families.

  8. Enrollment Forms and Infant-Child CPR & First Aid certification. Forms can be downloaded from the site after your child has been accepted and you have signed up for as a site member. Infant-Child CPR & First Aid certification must be completed by September 30th.

  9. Parents Education Meetings. Held monthly and are required. Babysitting is provided on site. This in an invaluable component of the success of the program and a great value add for parents.

  10. Insurance Fee. Families pay an annual insurance fee of $200 on October 1st.