Because we value creating a safe, respectful and trusting environment for you and your children to learn and grow, the following process will be administered before families are enrolled in our cooperative early playschool:


Steps for enrollment


  1. Schedule a visit. Tours are scheduled for the third Monday of the month at 9:30am and last no more than 2 hours. Snacks are provided. Email to schedule a visit at

  2. Applications. Families fill out the application available online and mail in along with a $25 application fee. Applications are available now and families will be contacted from the  waiting list in the order received. Applications are not considered complete without the application fee. Placement is not based entirely on application date.

  3. Second Visit. If desired, a second visit will be scheduled to give you and your child a chance to meet other participating families.

  4. Family Interviews. In order to make sure we are a good fit for you and vice-versa, we will conduct family interviews to make sure both parties understand how the program works and how you are required to be involved. Both parents/caretakers should attend with your child. 

  5. Registration. To enroll, families pay a $110 registration fee plus first and last months program fees before their first day in the program. 

  6. Orientation. New families attend a 2 hour orientation, generally scheduled for the 2nd Saturday of the month. No child care is provided for this event. Only the parent who is working shift is required to attend.

  7. Background Checks. We do background checks on both parents/caregivers. Both parents fill out a background check form.

  8. Training. Once a family registers, they will attend the first 3 days with their child. They will then be scheduled to work a shift and have drop-off days. Families may choose to begin dropping off immediately or choose to transition their child into the program by leaving for short periods of time that gradually get longer in length. We are open year round, and enrollment in the program happens throughout the year.

  9. Enrollment Forms and Infant-Child CPR & First Aid certification. Forms can be downloaded from the site after your child has been accepted and you have signed up for as a site member. Infant-Child CPR & First Aid certification must be completed by the end of the first month after joining. 

  10. No Bad Kids by Janet Lansbury. We ask that each new family read this book in an effort to have all parents on the same page about our approach to Toddler Discipline.

  11. Positive Discipline Workshop. Because Pea Pod follows Positive Discipline as our general philosophy on discipline, new families are highly encouraged to take a positive discipline class or workshop. Opportunities are provided throughout the year at Pea Pod.

  12. Insurance Fee. Families pay an annual insurance fee of $200 after their third month of joining the program.


Please note:

A main goal of our mission is to provide families with an opportunity to build community. Therefore, we would like to state explicitly that we are not a cheap alternative to daycare. While we do strive to keep costs and fees as low as possible, your participation and commitment to this program are required. It is this "work" that we do together that creates a collaborative environment in which we are all accountable to each other.


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